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Firefox extensions

Firefox Page Timer Lite (shows page load time)

One of the features I really liked in FasterFox plugin was the simple page timer which sat in the statusbar and just showed you how long the page you were viewing took to be loaded.

However they stopped updating that extension and it made my Firefox unstable. There is a FasterFoxLite but it also causes my Firefox to crash sooner or later for some reason.

So after some mucking about, I was able to make a super light version of the same page timer for Firefox.

Download Page Timer Lite for Firefox (pagetimerlite.xpi)

It works in all versions of Firefox, even 15 beta which I am using now, but you MUST install status-4-ever extension first, because my plugin requires the statusbar which was removed in Firefox 4 and newer.

This is because I do not know how to make addon bar extensions yet, someone will have to show me or I’ll eventually find a simple example for converting statusbar to addon bar.

SPDY indicator for Firefox 11+

Firefox 11 will be supporting the SPDY protocol for faster webpages. (Firefox 11 beta seems quite stable and I have been using it for a month now.)

Unfortunately there is no clue to when SPDY is actually working in Firefox because the only way to know is to examine the response headers for X-Firefox-Spdy.

However Cheng Sun has come to our rescue by whipping up a SPDY indicator extension inspired by a similar plugin for Chrome that shows an icon in the address bar.

SPDY is not on by default in Firefox 11, you have to go into about:config and change network.http.spdy.enabled to true.

Then watch for green lightning bolt the extension adds to the url address bar by visiting most google services or now Twitter.

Now available on! Here is a proper XPI version of the extension

Here are some SPDY enabled sites to test it on

Firefox plugin to detect when website sessions in use?

update: presenting my very first firefox plugin!
Detects if any of several session types are in use on a website. It has some room for improvement but the fact that it works at all is good start…

I dislike the use of sessions to track users between web pages because it slows things down on active websites and if cookies are disabled, they can create a mess when they get appended to the URL. They are also useless across multiple servers if they aren’t stored in a common memory pool (memcached, etc).

Here are some common session names:
.NET uses “ASP.NET_SessionId”
ColdFusion uses “CFID”
(let me know if you are aware of others)

I try to avoid using sessions in my bbPress plugins but there are two (Human Test & OpenID) where I’ve been too tired (aka too lazy) to come up with a complex way around them that would involve mysql tables, etc. However I try to make sure that sessions are not activated when not needed (in most cases, only during registration. But there is a popular third-party plugin that I’ve taken over ownership for (bb-topic-views) that uses sessions all the time when reading topics to prevent re-counting on multiple pages of the same topic.


best firefox plugin ever – install it now, seriously

I’ve been using this plugin for a couple years now and it’s saved my arse at least half a dozen times when Firefox corrupts one user file or another for some reason:

It’s called “Bookmark Backup” but it does SO much more.
If you open the options you can tell it to also save your history and more importantly your password files among many other files.