making bbPress (and WordPress) work better!


Donate to OpenSSL

Virtually every open source OS and project on the web that uses encryption relies on OpenSSL. Yet they only get a few thousand a year in donations. Time to change that if we want better code:

Where is the Commercial section for WordPress Plugins?

WordPress Theme developers have a sanctioned place to sell themes:

so where is ?

I want to sell “Commercially Supported GPL Plugins”

Some of my plugins might be worth $1 to for-profit blogs/forums.

The donation model clearly doesn’t work

Maybe it’s time for Matt to make the equal of an “app store” for WordPress/bbPress?

a quarter million people obliterated

65 years ago this week the United States obliterated over a quarter million people from the earth, mostly civilians, in not one but two decisions of insanity. Scientists begged the government to instead do an demonstration offshore in Japan to warn what the atomic bomb would do to them. May we be treated with more humanity than we have treated others.

Swine Flu 2009 Epidemic Map on Google

Apparently USA media outlets are neglecting to include the word “emergency” from the World Health Organization’s press release about the spread of Swine Flu.

I guess check this daily and decide for yourself how bad it is:

swine flu map on google maps (replaced with better map 5/2)

ps. Tamiflu can pretty much stop it from having symptoms more than a cold but a full treatment costs $100 plus a doctor’s office visit to get the prescription, so good luck to those without insurance like me… btw in India it’s only $60 and they have a generic version coming out for $30 but you won’t likely see it in the USA because corporations need their profits no matter how ill you are

Apple claims it invented and owns automatic software updates

I don’t care how much you love your mac, Apple is just as evil as Microsoft:

June 1995: Method and apparatus for automatic software replacement

Software patents are asinine and should not be legal.
I hope someone easily proves prior art and makes Apple waste their profits from overpriced hardware on patent/legal fees. The only reason why this really matters right now is Apple has started to threaten developers like the W3C

Why are E-Bikes still so expensive?

It’s really strange that I can buy an old car for a few hundred dollars and fix it for a few hundred more but if I want to be more progressive and get an electric conversion kit instead for my bicycle to help get over those nasty hills in the summer heat, it’s more expensive?

I’ve been researching e-bike kits for the past few days and apparently the lowest cost decent front wheel hub motor is like $400 and then I can either get ancient & heavy sealed lead-acid batteries for a couple hundred more or relatively new/light and “environmental” LifePO4 batteries for $400-$500.

Sigh, oh well. Maybe next summer. I guess I’m stuck at home for this one.

ps. why doesn’t Wikipedia have a page on electric bikes? Weird.