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Swine Flu 2009 Epidemic Map on Google

Apparently USA media outlets are neglecting to include the word “emergency” from the World Health Organization’s press release about the spread of Swine Flu.

I guess check this daily and decide for yourself how bad it is:

swine flu map on google maps (replaced with better map 5/2)

ps. Tamiflu can pretty much stop it from having symptoms more than a cold but a full treatment costs $100 plus a doctor’s office visit to get the prescription, so good luck to those without insurance like me… btw in India it’s only $60 and they have a generic version coming out for $30 but you won’t likely see it in the USA because corporations need their profits no matter how ill you are

3 responses

  1. How is this worse than normal flu?

    May 1, 2009 at 5:32 pm

  2. steve bank

    Influenza is actually a fairly dangerous disease, with a very fast mutation time. People usually confuse it’s current form with either a “bad cold” (it’s not), or a strain that they’ve already become mostly immune to.

    It’s also responsible for a ridiculously high percentage of deaths in the elderly and young in the western world. While the current “pandemic” is very low key, a brand-new strain means that people have virtually no immunities built up already, so it has a high risk factor (on paper).

    That said, I can’t believe you’re having to pay $100 for a drug. Isn’t it crazy that you have to pay for drugs to keep you alive? Dont you already pay taxes?

    May 1, 2009 at 10:30 pm

  3. Well I think the news coverage as usual with everything they do is completely overboard but the fact that 36,000 people die each year from regular flu “complications” is indicative of the elderly or the very young who have compromised immune systems. The H1N1 flu was/is killing people in their teens and twenties who should be able to cope with it better.

    So somewhere between the two extremes of panic and those who think it’s a joke is the reality that if you get it, and you can’t afford to be treated, or can’t afford to take several days off work, you are either going to get critically ill, or infect dozens of other people. Some of this hightened awareness is actually good, but I still don’t hear the news people mentioning how the 60 million+ people in the USA without insurance will afford a $50-100 doctor’s visit and then another $100 drug. I certainly can’t.

    Taxes are all relative but I still don’t believe the drug should cost $100 when apparently a copycat can be made for $30. That means there is massive profit taking going on as usual in corporate America, regardless of the morality. It’s amazing how some people believe corporate should be left to do whatever they want and not have regulations and be protected from lawsuits, the drug would probably cost $250 if they had their way.

    Oh and the H1N1 flu has finally shown up within 100 miles from where I live. It’s not going away unfortunately, so it’s real, just not something to panic over.

    May 2, 2009 at 2:21 am

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