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First ever TalkPress powered website?

Unless I missed an announcement somewhere,
I think I’ve found the first ever TalkPress powered website:

Looks really nice. I believe it quietly went live in the middle of March.

TalkPress is essentially Automattic hosted bbPress forums,
just like what is to WordPress blogs.
(it uses global logins/cookies)

Matt first mentioned TalkPress a year ago.

update: Yup, I did indeed miss an announcement, here it is:

Firefox plugin to detect when website sessions in use?

update: presenting my very first firefox plugin!
Detects if any of several session types are in use on a website. It has some room for improvement but the fact that it works at all is good start…

I dislike the use of sessions to track users between web pages because it slows things down on active websites and if cookies are disabled, they can create a mess when they get appended to the URL. They are also useless across multiple servers if they aren’t stored in a common memory pool (memcached, etc).

Here are some common session names:
.NET uses “ASP.NET_SessionId”
ColdFusion uses “CFID”
(let me know if you are aware of others)

I try to avoid using sessions in my bbPress plugins but there are two (Human Test & OpenID) where I’ve been too tired (aka too lazy) to come up with a complex way around them that would involve mysql tables, etc. However I try to make sure that sessions are not activated when not needed (in most cases, only during registration. But there is a popular third-party plugin that I’ve taken over ownership for (bb-topic-views) that uses sessions all the time when reading topics to prevent re-counting on multiple pages of the same topic.


bbPress turns 2 today! Happy Birthday bbPress!

bbPress turns 2 years old today!!!

It’s been a big year with new features being added at a rapid pace thanks to hard work by Sam and Mike. It’s an easy guess that we should see a stable 1.0 beta by the end of 2008.

But don’t let the modest sounding “1.0” fool you, it’s practically a “2.0” inside with all the changes since 0.9 including BackPress integration (merges core functions from WordPress) and an XML-RPC api like WordPress as well.

BBXF cross-forum import/export program

BBXF is a fascinating idea. What if you could easily import or export your forums between any programs like vBulletin/phpBB/SMF/bbPress? For blogs is this fairly straightforward and already exists. But forums are much more complex than blogs. bbPress doesn’t have any of the typically native forum features like polls,user tracking, local avatars, signatures or attachments – it’s all done via plugins. So the question is, what happens to all that data between programs? Importing into bbPress you could just shove it all into meta and hope to manipulate it into place later (good luck with that). Exporting you’d essentially lose all that data.

Wikipedia Overlords delete bbPress page

5/26 update: a noble group of folks have taken up the effort to restore and rebuild the page on wikipedia – I’ll leave this post for posterity…

I’m not quite sure when this happened (update: oh now I see, just last week) but I know it was there a few months ago as I wanted to see again what it said:
It had some nice history and progress about bbPress. Virtually every other forum software out there is on Wikipedia so this makes me very curious what kind of politics are going on or if someone had something against Automattic.

Apparently bbPress fails their elite “Notability Guidelines”
So at least 5000 installs with millions of people using those installs doesn’t count eh? I guess the 2k of text was taking up too much precious space on their servers, sheesh.

From what I can tell, it was a speedy deletion, meaning it was not even reviewed or given notice for deletion – an administrator just arbitrarily did what they felt like doing.

At least Deletionpedia has saved it and here’s the page cache from MSN Yahoo and Wayback Machine
(google doesn’t cache Wikipedia deletions apparently)

bbPress presentation at WordCamp UK 2008?

For my UK mates, WordCamp UK 2008 is coming up next Saturday and Sunday 19-20 July 2008 at The Studio in Birmingham.

(42 out of 100 tickets have been sold as of yesterday, so it’s bound to sell out)

I’d love to hear any recordings (video or just audio) of the more technical sessions and of course Sam’s presentation on bbPress

ps. check out Sam’s impressive WP crests!

bbPress 0.9 final, officially released!

bbPress 0.9 forum software has just been made ready for the public and I highly recommend it.

Many subtle bug fixes and many new features including easier WordPress integration:

If you are planning to integrate with WordPress, you’ll need the new WordPress 2.5 to match the new secure cookie method (or the bbPress plugin to force the old cookie method).