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best firefox plugin ever – install it now, seriously

I’ve been using this plugin for a couple years now and it’s saved my arse at least half a dozen times when Firefox corrupts one user file or another for some reason:

It’s called “Bookmark Backup” but it does SO much more.
If you open the options you can tell it to also save your history and more importantly your password files among many other files.

Essentially everytime Firefox closes, this plugin copies the user profile files to a backup folder.
But even better – it does a daily rotation so there is a new copy for each day of the week.

It’s completely transparent – just makes your firefox shut down a tad slower but since I keep it open for half a day at a time it’s no trouble at all.

Every few months when firefox hickups and I lose my precious website visit history or even worse, the password lists – you just go the the last day and copy the files back into your profile.

Firefox does not have any decent tools to recover corrupted user files, so this tool is critical.

Seriously, take a minute, install it now, and breathe a sigh of relief sometime next year when it saves you.

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