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How to fix: Can’t see Unicode (UTF8) in Notepad++ on Windows XP

This is a little late to help most people because they have moved on from Windows XP to newer flavors, however there are still some die-hards going to 2019 with the simple PosReady registry tweak.

If you have a full unicode font installed like Symbola on Windows XP, you may still not see proper characters in applications like Notepad++ and instead get double empty boxes in their place.

Finally upgrading to Windows XP

I’ve gotten seven years out of Windows 2000, and I could use it for a few more I am certain, but software vendors are forcing me to finally upgrade. There’s been a slow but steadily growing list of applications that refuse to install on Win2k, no matter how I try to trick them or manually unpack and run. The “won’t run on win2k” reasons have eluded me, but some research over the past year leads me to believe it has to do with some of the subtle new native features in the XP API like compression for undo features and other stuff that’s beyond my grasp. (more…)