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(whatever happened to) MySQLTuner 2.0

MySQL DBAs are amazingly smart, they really impress me.

It’s really hard to figure out the right way to make MySQL perform better. Webservers and PHP have been improved to the point where mysql is often becoming the bottleneck.

I just finished porting over MySQL-Report into bbPress as a plugin. It was originally written by Daniel Nichter in Perl and then Munroe Richard converted it to PHP for Drupal, so I “borrowed” a great deal of his code to save some time. I am not that thrilled with the original code quality but I am feeling too lazy right now to rewrite it, and it works well enough.

Other analysis tools I use are tuner-primer and MySQLTuner (v1.2) The mysql summary from aspersa (now in the Percona Toolkit) is also somewhat helpful but not as useful.

For realtime tracking the updated version of MyTop from Mark Grennan (originally by Jeremy Zawodny) is somewhat useful on busy servers.

Now, does anyone know whatever happened to MySQLTuner 2.0 ?
Seems like they stopped working on it in 2010

Nice slideshow on it from Sheeri Cabral

Video presentation with that slideshow