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Suhosin comes back from the dead, bringing security to newest PHP versions


While everyone has been distracted admiring PHP-NG, a great PHP project has quietly come back from the dead – Suhosin !

Suhosin is a well regarded security extension for PHP by Stefan Esser that had stopped getting updates after PHP 5.3. Perhaps it was due to more dramatic internal changes to the PHP core with 5.4 making it difficult to keep up. Linux distributions such as Debian that added Suhosin seeing its value, dropped it after updates stopped. Suhosin only worked up to PHP 5.3 – until now.

Suhosin can do neat tricks like disable EVAL and the regex /e modifier in PHP which the core of PHP cannot do by itself (or more accurately the core developers refuse to address). Suhosin also has many other options to help make PHP safer to use in a shared environment or where a server might be running a great deal of third-party code (ie. WordPress/plugins).

Some progress in making Suhosin work with PHP 5.4

News of an exciting discovery about making Suhosin work with PHP 5.4 that I missed from last week!

Apparently Jan Ingvoldstad (aka jani) has found that by disabling the multibyte string protection in Suhosin allows it to run with PHP 5.4 and perhaps keep it’s other protections.

So a somewhat serious sacrifice to at least get the remaining protections for now.
It’s better than nothing and at least a start!

Jani points out the problem lies within Suhosin trying to reference internal functions in php 5.4 that no longer exist from php 5.3 – a rewrite of rfc1867.c will be needed to affect a proper fix, but that is a far more serious undertaking that might be a long way away.

I’ve tried to contact him to get his patched source copy. If I do not hear back I will attempt to do the same modifications to the source that he describes. Then it will require a great deal of testing.

This discovery is just in time as PHP 5.3 reaches end-of-life in March.

Update: He has posted his modifications! – I will compile and test this week…

What’s coming in PHP 5.3.22 and PHP 5.3 end-of-life

PHP 5.3.21 was just released on January 17th but it was relatively minor with only a few fixes.

PHP 5.3.22 will be branched on January 30th and released on February 14th. It contains twice the fixes that look a bit more serious.

It should also be noted that PHP 5.2.23 in March 2013 will most likely be the FINAL release of PHP 5.3 as it goes into end-of-life with the release of PHP 5.5 This means that 5.3 will only receive security related bug fixes for one more year and then it’s over.

The really bad thing about this is that suhosin does not exist for the current PHP 5.4 and may likely never happen. To a lesser extent, magic-quotes no longer exists in PHP 5.4 and while it’s the subject of some mockery because of the mess it creates, it does make life a little harder for attackers.

On the plus side PHP 5.4 is measurably faster (10-20%) than PHP 5.3 and uses half the memory in many cases. The often-used silence operator (@) in PHP 5.3 has much better performance in PHP 5.4

The biggest problem most people will face changing from 5.3 to 5.4 is relatively trivial – you will receive many more warnings and deprecation notices but you can solve that for the short term by changing the error_log setting in php.ini to

error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT

Just don’t ignore them forever because those things will certainly break under 5.5

- Zend Engine:
  . Fixed bug #63899 (Use after scope error in zend_compile). (Laruence)
  . Fixed bug #63762 (Sigsegv when Exception::$trace is changed by user).
  . Fixed bug #63462 (Magic methods called twice for unset protected 
    properties). (Stas)

- Core
  . Fixed bug #63943 (Bad warning text from strpos() on empty needle).

- cURL extension:
  . Fixed bug (segfault due to libcurl connection caching). (Pierrick)
  . Fixed bug #63795 (CURL >= 7.28.0 no longer support value 1 for
  . Fixed bug #63352 (Can't enable hostname validation when using curl stream
    wrappers). (Pierrick)
  . Fixed bug #55438 (Curlwapper is not sending http header randomly).
    (, Pierrick)

- Date:
  . Fixed bug #55397 (comparsion of incomplete DateTime causes SIGSEGV).
    (Laruence, Derick)

- FPM:
  . Fixed bug #63999 (php with fpm fails to build on Solaris 10 or 11). (Adam)

All I want for Xmas is Suhosin for PHP 5.4

I recently tried PHP 5.4.8 on a production server and the memory-use decrease and performance increase was outstanding over PHP 5.2/5.3, truly impressive.

However despite the thrill, I had to roll back to PHP 5.3 after a couple days. Why? Not because of compatibility, there were only a couple of relatively easy to fix issues. Because it felt like we were running around naked without Suhosin which no longer works after PHP 5.3

Stefan Esser seems to have gone idle on updates for PHP 5.4, there was only an initial dev release several months ago (0.9.34-dev) and nothing since.

So I am calling on the “titans of industry” to make a donation to Stefan with a note encouraging him to continue the development for PHP 5.4 There seems to be a donation link here and I found another one here

If you aren’t running PHP 5.4 yet, you should be soon. Meanwhile those on PHP 5.3 who are not running the Suhosin extension should definitely install it. You can easily find php.ini tuning guides for suhosin around the web (specifically for WordPress too). It might save your server someday from being compromised by a 0-day.