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Firefox 4 Mobile – first to support WYSIWYG Editors (contentEditable/designMode)

Firefox 4 Mobile was just released today and I have some incredible news that no-one else seems to have noticed (yet).

It’s the first mobile browser to support contentEditable!

What does this mean? Well TinyMCE, CKEditor (FCKeditor) and other rich, visual editors will now be able to work on your android cellphone (and a very few Nokia devices like the N900)

Check it out here:

If you have Windows, Mac, or Linux on your desktop, you can see what the fuss is about through the developer versions:

No other mobile browser to date does this trick. Not mobile Safari for the iPhone, not mobile Chrome for Android, not Opera Mini/Mobile, not IE Mobile. See my post from last week about this lack-of-support problem..

List of mobile browsers that support contentEditable (designMode) WYSIWYG

As of March 2011, this is a trick question – NO mobile browser even attempts to support contentEditable/designMode (aka WYSIWYG, rich HTML textareas) on portable devices like cellphones, smartphones, iPad, iTouch, etc.

Desktop browsers have been supporting it since IE 5.5 in July 2000 over a decade ago. The Mozilla 1.3 (Gecko) engine implemented it in late 2002, so Firefox 1.5 had it in May 2003.

Also see:

So which one of these will be the first mobile browsers to have it?

Microsoft IE for Mobile
Google Android (Chrome/webkit)
Apple Safari Mobile (webkit)
Opera Mobile
Opera Mini
Firefox Mobile (Fennec)

However I have no information on the brand new Internet Explorer Mobile 9 (aka IE9 Mobile) which was only demonstrated February 2011 by Microsoft.

Since Microsoft invented content-editable, there is a chance they ported it into the mobile IE9 from their newest Trident engine. If anyone can confirm or deny this, please let me know? Thanks!