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APC 3.1.14 opcode cache for PHP pulled

Following a series of memory leaks and other problems, the 3.1.14 beta release of the APC opcode cache for PHP has been recalled and removed from the pecl site by Rasmus as it’s not currently suitable for use.

I noticed the memory problem a week or two ago. I’ve carefully tested each revision in the trunk after the 3.1.13 release and have found revision 328264 to be the last good update if you want some of the subtle bug fixes since 3.1.13 without the later problems.

You can fetch a specific revision via svn like so:
svn co -r 328264

This was the changelog for 3.1.14 which has been since removed:

When include_once_override is on, use the cached realpath. See rev. 328172
for a full explanation (Rasmus)
Fixed bug #63852 (apc 3.1.13 fails to build if __APC_SMA_DEBUG__ is set) (Laruence)
Fixed bug #63434 (Segfault if apc.shm_strings_buffer excceed apc.shm_size) (Laruence)
Fixed bug #63070 (apc.include_once_override bug) (Laruence)
Fixed bug #62151 (Stat files only require read access only, windows). (Pierre)
fix num. segfaults by revert rev. 326820 and issue reported in bug #62972
Fixed bug #63491 file_md5 value was wrong when use apc_bin_load function (Anatoliy)
Fixed PHP 5.5 compatibility (related to VM variables access fix) (Anatoliy)
Added tests for bugs #63224, #63545, #63669 (Anatoliy)

and these are the revision commit notes since 3.1.13 to 328264

328264 ZTS fix 
328241 Add test for #63434 Add warning message for interned string buffer startup failed
328229 Fixed bug #63434 (Segfault if apc.shm_strings_buffer excceed apc.shm_size)
328172 When include_once_override is enabled on an include_once/require_once check to see if we have the file in the cache 
328143 Prevent apc.preload_path from being used in ZTS mode.
328140 Fix Hashtable bucket allocations & frees, when string interning is turned off (i.e ZTS)
327996 remove executable permission on test scripts 
327847 Oops, these need to match 
327846 Use the right type in the cast here 
327665  Fixed bug #63070 (apc.include_once_override bug) 
327593 - remove lazy loading code (based on discussions this morning with Gopal)
327475  typo 
327454 Fixed bug #63003 honour TEST_PHP_ARGS, allow to add to server cmd
327453 apc54_020 test fails with php 5.4.5, so raise version check
327451 back to dev
327450 make test apc54_018 generic
327449 make test generic
327447 3.1.13 

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