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Some progress in making Suhosin work with PHP 5.4

News of an exciting discovery about making Suhosin work with PHP 5.4 that I missed from last week!

Apparently Jan Ingvoldstad (aka jani) has found that by disabling the multibyte string protection in Suhosin allows it to run with PHP 5.4 and perhaps keep it’s other protections.

So a somewhat serious sacrifice to at least get the remaining protections for now.
It’s better than nothing and at least a start!

Jani points out the problem lies within Suhosin trying to reference internal functions in php 5.4 that no longer exist from php 5.3 – a rewrite of rfc1867.c will be needed to affect a proper fix, but that is a far more serious undertaking that might be a long way away.

I’ve tried to contact him to get his patched source copy. If I do not hear back I will attempt to do the same modifications to the source that he describes. Then it will require a great deal of testing.

This discovery is just in time as PHP 5.3 reaches end-of-life in March.

Update: He has posted his modifications! – I will compile and test this week…

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