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MySQL 5.6 gold, any week now?

Oracle has promised a “production-ready product release in early 2013” for MySQL 5.6 – which would have to be some week before the end of April?

MySQL 5.6.9 release candidate is currently available for testing.

5.6 is exciting for one interesting reason to me – it adds fulltext indexing support to innodb which was preventing widespread innodb adoption imho, since you currently are tied down to myisam for that feature. Hopefully it requires little to no code modification to keep fulltext support while just altering the db storage engine. From what I can tell it just requires a couple more my.cnf settings for innodb stopwords (for some reason doesn’t use the old myisam settings).

These tests on 5.6 from late 2012 seem to show innodb fulltext search can be three times faster than myisam under heavy load conditions.

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