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hey Matt, turn credits into donation system?

I was looking at the new startup for twitter and I kind of like their idea. Turn the massive twitter userbase into a massive micro-payment system. They recently got $1 million in funding.

Micro-payment systems often fail but that’s because they never get critical mass. Twitter won’t have that problem. You don’t even need a Twitter account to have a TipJoy account, ie.

So I remembered that has had a credit system in place for a long time now to buy premium upgrades. You can even give the credits to someone else I believe as a gift. So why not take that a step further as allow it to be used to donate to anyone for any reason?

One you have enough credits, you could cash out via amazon gift card by email (instant, any amount over $5) or PayPal. PayPal stopped TipJoy from using them to fund accounts (basically it’s fear of competition) but you can still cash out via PayPal, they won’t stop that.

This way can help theme and plugin developers get a few dollars. You could even allow fractions of credits so if someone wants to donate 10 cents, it’s possible. I think has enough members to also get past that critical mass problem. If a thousand people gave 10 cents to a plugin developer, that starts to add up. It’s certainly more than I get now!

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