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Firefox 3.5 tampers with image colors by default

Tonight I was bothered that an image I was looking at in my browser looked washed out and when I loaded it into Irfanview to correct it and study it more closely, somehow it was already darker in Irfanview.

At first I started wondering if I accidentally turned on some kind of automatic option in Irfanview but then I remembered that Firefox 3.0 had image color correction added, but was off by default.

Sure enough Firefox 3.5 has color correction turned ON by default. Even for existing installs that simply upgraded, it apparently turns it back on all by itself.

So go to about:config and find
and set it to 0 (zero)
problem solved.

One response

  1. Matthew Little

    I know this is old, but its worth a shout.

    You’ll probably find that the embeded colour profile is wrong.

    While its nice to tell people how to disable it, your obviously not fixing it for other users.

    I bashed my head for a while when I had a problem with this a while ago.

    Easy fix is to strip the colour profile out of the image.

    May 6, 2011 at 8:26 am

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