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stuff I would have wanted to see at WordCamp SF 2008

Apparently they crammed it all into one day this year and the tech stuff was held separately (downstairs) from the general stuff (don’t want those devs and general users to mingle, ruh roh!)

I don’t fly so I was hoping for some audio or video recordings. I found a live video feed from some bloggers upstairs but nothing downstairs (at least not that I could find). I need to hunt down the slideshows for Crazyhorse, BuddyPress, Nginx etc. Finding a schedule of the tech stuff would probably be a good start, I found one for the general stuff upstairs but not downstairs. ZDnet covered only the non-dev side, but in detail.

Was there *no* bbPress presentation this year at WordCamp? Really?
Twitter went insane with WordCamp stuff!
added: some really good notes from Jeremy Person

ps. I can’t believe Matt stopped using LiteSpeed and switched to Nginx. As fast as Nginx is, LiteSpeed is still faster and definitely has a better interface and tech support, but I guess Matt can afford his own techs now to support open source stuff so it makes him feel better to have that flexibility. LiteSpeed isn’t cheap, especially when you have as many servers as Automattic must have.

pps. I can’t believe Matt didn’t think of all the vegans in SF and only had a BBQ lunch

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  1. re: vegans and vegs. yeah there were a couple of pissed ppl. but in fairness, there were good sauteed greens, mac n cheese, potato salad and bread. Not great, but at least it wasn’t like a wedding I went to in Dodge City Kansas where they seriously thought the baked Salmon was OK as the veg. option.

    The dev talks are part of the sched. I posted, but the formatting sucks so hard because I was trying to type that out and take notes at the same time. Dev talks are on the right after the –.

    The dev presentations were largely introductory. In a one day format and 20mins, its hard to put together a presentation with depth. Steve Souders was an exception (he also had a longer time slot). If you’ve read his High Performance Web Sites (and maybe Building Websites that Scale & Web Site Optimization) it was pretty much a re-hash (albeit with a fun deconstruction of s blog). The things I took away from that talk are some of the links here: (httpwatch, firebug lite, etc.)

    In talking with ppl. afterwards a number of them had great things to say about the “genious bar”. –Getting detailed questions answered, finding more about a presenters talk etc. The lines were pretty long there and with no breaks, it was a question of missing the next talk or standing in line; I went to the talks.

    I would have liked to see something along the lines of data mining web site stats, recognizing and reinforcing affinity groups through modeling usage patterns. I’m working on some of that stuff this year, know anyone whose doing similar stuff with WP? /sean

    August 17, 2008 at 1:11 pm

  2. Hey thanks for the follow-up!

    “there were good sauteed greens, mac n cheese, potato salad and bread.”

    That’s not bad actually, I could have lived on that – I was going by some of the other comments and Matt’s suggestion that they should “go home for lunch” which didn’t sound very thoughtful. But I’m overly sensitive and get ill at just the smell of meat for some reason – I even have to hold my nose when I give the cats wet food as a treat, it’s icky! LOL!

    I’m going to checkout that link you posted, thanks again!

    August 19, 2008 at 10:19 am

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