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Proposed New Features For WordPress 2.7

During an informal, public IRC meeting attended by Matt, this list was derived and voted on (the iii’s are votes – people could vote against so that reduced the tally)

iiiiii - Comments API
iiiii - keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation
iiii - remove old/unused code
iiii - theme update api, like we do for plugins
iiii - some default shortcodes, maybe the most popular 10 from
iii - dashboard and write box rearranging
iii - one-click plugin installs
iii - oEmbed support, tied in with shortcodes
iii - admin-only reply thing, for admin replies to comments
iii - better UI for post revisions, maybe an optional field to say what changed in a version
iii - core updating
ii - OAuth support
ii - a frame-like method for moderating ping/trackbacks
ii - GeoData for posts, comments, attachments, etc.
ii - Duplicate post Tags UI for other taxonomies (6387)
ii - SWFUploader make it work with Flash 10
ii - template tags to do everything the custom gallery on does
ii - plugin browser embedded
ii - codepress code highlighting for template editing
ii - php xref hosted on
ii - tag intersections, all posts that have tag x AND y
ii - menu editor

i - Separate Large and Full image sizes, related improvements (7151)
i - Unbalanced tags across more and nextpage tags (6297)
i - sitemaps by default
i - comment threading
i - batch editing of posts
i - refresh of the importers
i - Subscribe To Comments plugin in core?
- gallery post_type
- versioning of template edits
- documentation links for functions used in currently edited template

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