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Finally upgrading to Windows XP

I’ve gotten seven years out of Windows 2000, and I could use it for a few more I am certain, but software vendors are forcing me to finally upgrade. There’s been a slow but steadily growing list of applications that refuse to install on Win2k, no matter how I try to trick them or manually unpack and run. The “won’t run on win2k” reasons have eluded me, but some research over the past year leads me to believe it has to do with some of the subtle new native features in the XP API like compression for undo features and other stuff that’s beyond my grasp.

It’s a shame really. I’m basically upgrading so I can test stuff in IE7 directly rather than using a VMWARE window (Microsoft Virtual PC hasn’t been able to run on win2k for years, no surprise). Then there is Paint.Net which after 2.72 won’t run on Win2k. Same with the newest Photoimpact (the poor girl’s version of Photoshop – and darn easier to use). Recently the newest Antivirus and Firewalls only run on XP. Vendors are giving up on the few extra steps to make their apps win2k compatible and that’s a big clue that XP is completely mature and time for me to switch.

What made me finally decide to do this is that service pack 3, more certainly the last one for XP that Microsoft will ever produce, is coming out this week (supposedly) and it bypasses the need for a couple hundred hotfixes to service pack 2. What I really don’t like is this trivial OS “upgrade” is costing me $100 😦

I’m just in time for XP to be officially unsupported after June, LOL! But given how much mileage I got out of win2k, I should be able to use XP until at least 2015 (seriously!) My worst fear is that I’ll be hacked within the first month of using XP, where it never happened under win2k… we shall see.

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