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Movabletype tries to (hilariously) solicit WP 2.5 upgraders

This really upset me because he thinks he’s being so clever:

I’ve got nothing personally against Anil, but definitely something against the company:

Dear Anil Dash,

Movabletype completely screwed over tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dedicated bloggers who put hundreds of hours into customizing their Movabletype install after your company’s “first free, but now pay” fiasco (version 2.6 to 3). And now you solicit people to switch to Movabletype again because you finally saw the open source light a few months ago? Nice try. Fool me once…

Also, Movabletype didn’t start off generating static files because of some kind of clever performance design – it did it because of the incredibly slow, hard to scale Perl code demanded such a solution to remain viable. It’s scary you are still using the same solution after so many years of development and chances to fix it.

You should have kept LiveJournal, at least the creative folks commonly found on there are far more valuable than the crowds you find on other sites like MySpace, etc. But you sold off possibly the most valuable asset you had.

WordPress has it’s faults but you most definitely should not be throwing stones.

One response

  1. While I agree with your point, WordPress has a checked past as well. You can’t cast Matt in a good light either.

    June 1, 2008 at 3:37 pm

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