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How to get email through to hotmail users (and maybe aol)

You may have noticed (or discovered after some complaints) that hotmail ( users are not getting their WordPress or bbPress registration emails from your server. Try not to get too frustrated, Hotmail and AOL email accounts are the worst.

This is essentially because microsoft wants your server to conform to their own system and if they don’t like something, it’s your problem. If your users are on AOL and not getting your emails, you are mostly screwed short of paying them major $$$ to get off their bad email list (or paying a lawyer to pester them) but with Microsoft you can try to fix the issue yourself if you are patient.

Essentially make sure your server has reverse DNS (rDNS) (ie. it’s IP address resolves to the same domain name you use) and that it has a proper SPF. Ask your host’s technical support for help if you don’t know how to do that, it’s definitely something they should cover.

But with Microsoft that’s not enough. They cache that info for awhile, so if it’s changed (ie. you sent emails to hotmail users before you put in a proper SPF) you’ll need to send an email to with the domain name(s) in the text of the message on new lines.

Then you have to wait, sometimes up to two weeks, to get an automated reply.

When/if that doesn’t help anything, see here:

and when that doesn’t help anything, fill out this long, annoying form with them:
and wait even longer.

They also have a FAQ here if you want to grind through it:

Now if you have lots of money to throw at the problem, you can pay $1000 a year to these folks to get on a “whitelist”. This is how the major corporations sneak through spam filters at major ISPs, they just make sure everyone gets a cut (except you). Hotmail takes money from them, so you’ll get approved.

AOL uses the goodmail whitelist @ 4 cents per email
here’s their full info page but I’ve never known anyone to get unlisted:

Yahoo email problems (less likely a problem but happens)

Verizon email problems:

Last but not least you could just encourage your users to get a GMAIL account which is the least amount of hassle for end users and virtually all legit email gets through.

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