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WordPress 2.5 slated for March 10th – really?

Apparently they are quite serious about rushing out WordPress 2.5 by March 10th – just three weeks away. I am suspicious of the 2.4 version number jump and how freaked out people are going to be over the color/style changes in the admin menu (which seem rather harsh to my eyes). Also, Matt stated in the #wordpress channel that people should not mind scrolling down two pages to change the slug or date on a post – they are getting rid of the sidebar.

Fortunately the sidebar can be hacked back in fairly easily. Not so much the old colors. I suspect someone will give it a try though. Admin plugins still seem to work fine with 2.5 however.

Oh there are also currently 500 open tickets for WP 2.5 – most of which will probably be swept under the rug for 2.6 I guess.

bbPress is going to get way out of sync with the 2.5 release. I want to encourage them to release the alpha trunk build 1075 as 0.8.5 to kinda match the numbering and also because of the password cookie change.

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  1. It sounded like it made you mad for me to have asked for your helpin the bbpress forums. I’d like to say that I DID look at BOTH of your sites,but NEITHER offers a way to contact you through a private message and As I was registered for bbpress and not for your showcase, it was just easier to do it there ~~~~ either way, my request was going to be visible for the world to read. No, I didn’t like that at all, but even after coming back to both of your sites and searching again, I haven’t found a way to speak with you privately.

    Sorry if I made you mad. I just thought you were theright guy to help me and found no better solution for contacting you. Since you answered my post with the answer you gave and did not contact me, I am assuming that you are not wanting to take my case on.

    I’m not really an idiot ~ I’m actually a FAST learner, but this is all brand new to me and I just needed someone to get everything running smoothly so that I could have time to play and learn for future upgrades, plugin, etc.

    Sorry I bothered you.

    February 18, 2008 at 11:43 am

  2. Hey _ck_,

    Good pos. I agree with you on many of these topics.

    I am not too happy that they are removing the sidebar in the admin area. I use those options relatively regularly, and having to scroll down to the bottom of the page will be a pain. Do you know their reasoning behind dropping the sidebar?

    My other major concern is that with the updates I will lose my integration of bbpress with wordpress. I guess I’ll have to hold off on the updates until wise people like you can figure out how to get everything working smoothly with the new releases.

    Thanks again for your tireless work on these projects. You really cut down on the frustration factor beginners have.

    February 18, 2008 at 12:56 pm

  3. Dedi, not mad or upset (or a guy). Just was perplexed at why someone would try to post a direct message on a third party website to me when there were more direct avenues available. My help when I have time is available to all, at my discression. Many times people think they need direct personal help when often they can be helped via the forums which in return helps other people since they can see the process.

    The bbPress owners (automattic) don’t seem interested in offering a free install service like they do on the wordpress side, at least not right away, so I may just take matters into my own hands and see if I can organise such an offering from my own website. I have to do some research on how best to do that however as there are liability issues and I don’t want that kind of responsibility.

    February 19, 2008 at 3:31 am

  4. Bill, do not worry about bbPress integration with WordPress 2.5 – there is a newer build of bbPress (1075) that works just fine with it – in fact that’s what’s running on my and it’s integrated with the 2.5 alpha right now. Just make sure you don’t directly edit any of the core bbPress files you use – only templates (themes) and plugins. Then you can just replace the bbPress files at the same time when you upgrade to 2.5 and it will take all of 10-15 minutes tops. I’ve been talking to the powers-that-be about doing some kind of bbPress official version release to match WordPress’s release so we’ll see what happens, but even if they don’t you still have options.

    You’ll also be pleased to know it’s easy to return some of the elements to the sidebar again with a simple edit to one of the files in the admin section as seen here:

    February 19, 2008 at 3:35 am

  5. WPMU is going to be a little “behind” on the password hash, so it looks like I better keep my bbPress older versions handy as well until that is updated 🙂

    February 25, 2008 at 8:41 pm

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