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WordPress 2.3 beta in 30 days?

update: wtf? A few days after I start speculating on this, they announce 2.3 beta 1. This means they are ignoring hundreds of tickets. I guess that means they are sweeping them “under the rug” until 2.4 next year? Or will 2.4 beta become a December holiday gift? In any case, I figure I am waiting for 2.31 or 2.4 beta at this point.
————– original post follows…
I was looking at the WordPress roadmap in trac and apparently they’ve “committed” to a feature freeze for WP 2.3 on August 23rd. This should be interesting as 2.4 won’t be out this year so it represents the best WP will be for 2007. There are nearly 400 tickets open for it though, so they are either going to be ignoring or pushing many of the suggestions/requests to the next version…

I’ve been out of touch with WP development since 2.0 went alpha so I’ve got some catching up to do (been manually patching my installs for security issues).

Now to hunt down “what’s new” in 2.3 – I had to hack a lot of the core in 2.0 to make it do some of the things I really wanted but couldn’t wait for. Now my goal is zero core hacks in 2.3 and do every single mod via plugins so I can keep up with releases for security issues as well as new features.

So far all I know is that is that 2.3 will be 100% jQuery, even in the admin they have removed Prototype.js but I am sure there is much more to be found… are they doing comment pagination natively yet? I sure hope so…

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