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I need a new mouse… suggestions?

My Creative Labs 1010 Fatality mouse has failed AGAIN! I’m giving up this time, I’ve RMA-ed it a few times back to Creative (at $2 shipping, packaging + my time) and they keep sending new ones but they all start double-clicking for a single click after a month or two. This is a well known problem now but Creative refuses to admit to it despite dozens of people complaining on their forums and all around the web.

Their 2020 “professional laser” mouse also has the exact same problem (same mouse but laser diode instead of led) so it’s their cheap design they refuse to change (cheap but not by price, $40 or $60!) A supervisor wasted another $2 of my phone airtime just to tell me that his never double clicked at home. I’ve now got $10 invested over the original $30-$40 purchase price, so I’d be a fool to try it again. (They refuse to refund my money, only send replacements.)

The sad part is I really liked how this mouse fit my small hands, had adjustable speeds with the click of the button (400dpi 800dpi 1600dpi) which let’s you do detailed graphics work when necessary, it has a fairly smooth scrollwheel, easy to click middle button (scrollwheel). Teflon glide pads on the bottom make it easier to push/pull and the wire is also coated so it doesn’t hold you back. The adjustable weights were a gimmick that I never used.

I am very broke right now so I dunno what to do. I’d setup an amazon wish list but it’s not anonymous enough for my level of paranoia. Not that anyone would buy one anyway but I can always dream.

Anyway, if anyone can recommend a mouse for smaller hands that has adjustable speeds, teflon pads, smooth scrolling and an easy to click middle button, please let me know! I’ll start saving… meanwhile I am stuck with this Rosewill RM800U I got from Newegg years ago for $5 shipped as an emergency backup. It sucks but at least it doesn’t double click!

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  1. Hi,
    I had or have this mouse too, Im hoping I can spread the word on a fix I found for the mouse button clicks, to fix this problem, I opened the mouse and put a piece of electrcal tape on the actual internal button, and now whalla. fixed. On a side note this fix was inspired by the fix for fixing the rattling weights in the Fatality 1010, which is to rap a single band of electrical tape around the wieght, and whalla great functioning fatality 1010 mouse. And no rattle.

    Had to post this somewhere because I’ve been so frustrated trying to fix this fatality 1010 mouse. You shouldnt lift the mouse buttons up either like I did, which I had to do another fix on it with a piece of cork and a needle. if ur interested on fixing your mouse because of this problem email me i ll try to explain further.

    February 22, 2008 at 8:58 pm

  2. mehran, you’re going to find that the tape fails in another few weeks, 5-6 at the outside. I tried the same solution.

    After trying various kinds of crazy-glue, I finally found one that dries with a smooth surface, so I put a drop onto the plunger side (obviously NOT the switch itself!) and let it dry. This has worked for many months now. However not all crazy-glue is alike, some dry with a crusty broken surface and won’t work. Look for one without additives like colours and extra special features like super fast dry time.

    February 23, 2008 at 1:30 pm

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