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bbPress plugin: My Views

Update: I’ve done a major update to this plugin and it now works in the bbPress trunk (1.0 alpha) or Please download it directly from the bbPress plugins page:

My Views is a powerful addition to the default “views” in bbPress. It will let you customize output and adds several new views. My Views consists of a main plugin and several optional “module” plugins that can be added if desired for additional new views.

Appended bbPress Views by My Views:
* Latest Discussions
* Topics I’ve Started
* Topics I’ve Participated In

Extended bbPress Views by My Views if optional “bb Topic Views” plugin by Mike Wittmann is installed
* Topics with the most views
* Topics with the least views

Extended bbPress Views by My Views if optional “Plugin Browser for bbPress” plugin by Sam Bauers is installed
* Installed bbPress Plugins
* Available bbPress Plugins

and many little other tweaks to views including proper titles and headers as well as a dropdown views list box.

One response

  1. Topic views don’t increment (i.e. 10 repies, 1 view) any longer after I re-themed and moved my forum. Any ideas, CK?


    October 28, 2007 at 5:27 pm

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