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new 2.1 menu privilege check breaks plugins?

Unless I am very much mistaken or have some kind of database issue, I have discovered some “new” code in WP 2.1 that breaks how many plugins add themselves to the admin menu.

I couldn’t understand after switching from 2.0.4 to 2.1 (a2) why some items were being hidden from me in the admin menu and then users at level 0 or 1 could not access other plugins they were specifically allowed to access (like gravatars and userextra) getting the error :

“You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

(remember, it all worked correctly in 2.0.4, this is not the same issue as WP 1.5 users had upgrading to 2.0.x)

I finally traced it back to a change that was done between February 12th and 17th 2006
by Ryan Boren

Something is wrong with the way he is searching and setting the menu access privileges that is breaking many plugins. I hope he can fix it so it is backwards compatible or there is going to be alot of confusion once the 2.1 beta comes out. It’s beyond my skills to figure it out without hours of work but if there is no answer soon I will do my best.

added: I’ve discovered that rolling back to the 2.0.4 menu.php and activating the “admin drop down menus” plugin will cause all menus to be available properly to both the admin and the subscribers – hiding what they are not supposed to be able to access. The code he uses may be superior to what WP uses by default. I do hope Ryan can figure it out and maintain backwards compatibility.

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