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bug in paged comments plugin when using other queries, with solution

I found a minor bug in the paged comments plugin (last updated April 2006) when you are trying to use other queries on the URL.

will cause a 404, at least on my blogs

I traced it back to the function paged_comments_fancy_url() which doesn’t expect anything else on the URI except an ending slash or not.

To fix this just take the first line of that function and change it from

$req = rtrim($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], '/');


$req = rtrim(str_replace('?'.$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'],'',$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']), '/');

This is a quick fix solution and I am not certain what the effects might be since the function resets the request url back to $req later on. Other plugins might look direct at the url for the query string instead of at $_SERVER[‘QUERY_STRING’]

Not quite sure why he does it that way but my fix works so there you go.

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