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some goodies if you missed Wordcamp 2006

I wasn’t able to attend Wordcamp 2006 because basically I won’t be going anywhere near an airport for the next decade 😦 so I’ve been looking for any goodies on it…

I just noticed today that Matt Mullenweg‘s keynote address for WordPress 2006 is up on Google video!
Yay! Thank you to whomever posted that. He looks and sounds like he is 16! 😮 I feel sooo old.

Mark Jaquith has also promised to post some audio recordings. I hope he recorded his talk about WordPress performance as I am looking forward to hearing it.

Other places to see/read what happened so you don’t feel so left out include:

One response

  1. Unfortunately, I left the recorder in the main room for that hour, so the talk wasn’t recorded. I am, however, planning on posting a followup post or series of posts on the subject.

    August 10, 2006 at 11:01 pm

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